Social Media in Web 2.0 and direct selling (in Englisch)

Für alle, die des Englischen mächtig sind 🙂 … hier ein Artikel, den ich in einer facebook Gruppe geschrieben habe und der für alle im Direktvertrieb interessant ist …

I believe the question of the „new internet web 2.0“ (that is actually not that new anymore 🙂 ) in direct selling is not a question IF, but a question HOW to work with the tools that web provides.
I strongly believe in the internet tools to be used for building an expert status in the area of key – competence. That can be an expert for a certain kind of product, that can be an expert for a certain working method, that can be an expert for a special company in network marketing or whatever the area of expertise might be.
I also do believe that the extremely short attention span in the internet requires some “thinking before posting” and that all network marketing distributors that are bluntly posting advertisings snippets like “join me now” or “do you want to see the greatest product ever” will be muted with a simple click (easy here on Facebook).

But those providing real value to the reader before asking whether he or she wants to become a customer or distributor will be able to build a profound base of readers and fans. This of course does not only apply to Facebook but to all the elements of social media in the internet.
For all those that speak German, I have written an article on how to create a REAL STRONG profile on the web: https://alexanderplath.com15-tipps/

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